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Marine Pollution Control Act 392A An act to govern the release of pollutants into the marine environment.


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Barbados Sustainable Development Policy  The over-arching goal of this policy is to ensure the optimisation of the quality of life for every person by ensuring that economic growth and development does not occur to the detriment of our ecological capital.
Green Paper on the 2020 Water Protection and Land Use Zoning Policy  The following paper describes the existing groundwater protection zoning policy, outlines its strengths and shortcomings and proposes a new integrated approach to protection of all of the island’s water resources, including coastal waters.
Hazardous Substances Management Policy  This Policy documents represents the guidance proposed by the Chemical Substances Technical Working Group for the management of Hhazardous substances in Barbados
National Indoor Air Quality Policy  A Policy Paper drafted to address the impacts of indoor air quality on human helath in the workplace and put forward strategies to effectively manage and improve indoor air quality in workspaces. 
National Noise Policy A document to address the impacts of environmental noise on human health and the environment while balancing the cultral and sociological components which govern the levels of noise in Barbados.
National Oil Spill Contingency Plan for Barbados  This Plan delineates the national preparedness and response system, including both public and private resources, for incidents and emergencies which result or could result in a spillage of oil into the terrestrial or marine environment. The Plan aims to prevent or, where prevention is not possible, mitigate and minimise adverse environmental impacts of oil pollution.
National Water Reuse Policy  The Policy addresses the need to balance development activity and economic growth in relation to our limited water resources and promote the efficient use of all available water resources in Barbados
Radiation Protection Policy  The policy addresses the need of Barbados to effectively manage radioactive materials to ensure compliance with the International Atomic Energy Agencey (IAEA)  codes of compliance and ensure that human health and the environment are not compromised. 
Table pf Prohibited Concentrations The aim of this document is to provide guidance on the compliance standards for a number of pollutants that have the negative impacts on not just the nearshore marine environment but also our aquifers. The document not only highlights the indivdual pollutants but provides the standard and the rationale for their inclusion on the list. 

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